1. Policy Statement

Everyone has rights with regard to the way in which their personal data is handled. During the course

of our activities we will collect, store and process personal data about our customers, suppliers and

other third parties, and we recognize that the correct and lawful treatment of this data will maintain

confidence in the organization and will provide for successful business operations.

  1. Data Protection Officer

We have not appointed a Data Protection Officer as our core activities do not consist of large scale

data processing or involve the processing of sensitive data or data relating to criminal convictions.

  1. The legitimate interests for processing your data

In order to complete our business services to you we collect some of your personal information, verify

it, keep it up to date through regular checks and delete it once we no longer have to keep it.

  1. The categories of personal data we obtain are

Data to identify you, including your contact information;

– Information which you have consented to us using;

We only process personal data to help us identify you, correspond with you, and to carry out the

business services that you have engaged us for.

We do not send out marketing e mails to customers

  1. The recipients or categories of recipients of personal data are

When providing our services to you, we may share your information with;

– your authorized representatives;

– third parties with whom, (a) we need to share your information to facilitate

services you have requested, and (b) you ask us to share your information.

i.e. contact details may need to be sent to suppliers to organize service calls for repair of appliances or

delivery of items required to facilitate works to be carried out

  1. Retention periods of personal data

We retain your personal data for as long as required by legislation and regulatory

rules depending on the type of information it is.

  1. Your rights in respect of our processing of your personal data

– You have the right to access the personal data we hold on you

– You have the right to rectify any mistakes or inaccuracies in the personal data

we hold

– You have the right to have your personal data erased

– You have the right to restrict the processing of your personal data

– You have the right of data portability for your personal information

– You have the right to object

– You have the right of restriction

– You have rights in respect of automated decision making including profiling

  1. Right to withdraw consent

You have the right to withdraw your consent to our processing of your personal data

however this may impinge on our ability to provide business services to you

and result in the termination of any and all of our business relationships.


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